Month: June 2014

Review #2: Zoundry Raven (Windows)

Tested on: Windows (also Flickr and WordPress, sort of) Before writing this review I needed to get myself out of the laziness that always come every time holiday arrives. I've promised to you to make a review of Zoundry Raven, after all. And there's this music cataloguing app that has been consuming most of the … Continue reading Review #2: Zoundry Raven (Windows)

Review #1: Screenshot Ultimate (Android)

Tested on: Phone, Phablet When I decided to create this blog to host my reviews, I also know that I would need to create many screenshots of whatever app I'm testing, so everyone who read my reviews could see all the features I'm talking about without having to install the app themselves. And for me, … Continue reading Review #1: Screenshot Ultimate (Android)