Hello World!

My laptop’s internet connection is not fast enough to let me post anything on wordpress (I even struggled to get past the dashboard) so this morning I decided to download wordpress for Android, so I could post something and test if this app’s good enough for me to rely on when I have to post something quickly.

Actually, testing if any app is good enough for me to use is the very goal of this blog. I usually stumbled upon a few apps/programs (whatever you wish) every week, thanks to my subscriptions to some technology sites. I usually would download and test them early in the morning on weekends. And I’m going to write what I think about them here.
That’s what ‘nochkawtf’ means, if you’re asking. ‘nochka’ is my internet handle, and ‘wtf’ stands for ‘weekly tech findings’ (I know what do ‘wtf’ usually means. It only makes this url more interesting). So, ‘nochkawtf’ means, ‘Nochka’s Weekly Tech Findings’.
(On a second note, my url should’ve been ‘nochkaswtf.wordpress.com’. But it’s better this way, though.)
That’s all for now. I hope this blog would improve my writing ability and tech knowledge, and I would never lose interest in updating this blog.
May this blog lasts for many years from now on.


Now listening to Vic Acid by Squarepusher

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