Month: July 2014

Mini-Review: QuickPic’s Online Services (Android)

It's been a long time since I ditched my phone's Gallery app for QuickPic. At first I used it to select icons I would use to replace my homescreen's icons (black icons on black background are impossible to see, and the Gallery app can't show images' names), but I then found out that QuickPic is … Continue reading Mini-Review: QuickPic’s Online Services (Android)

Review #4: Flickr Size URLS Thumb Page (Userscript)

Update 6/1/15: This script doesn't work anymore with Flickr's interface upgrade. I still haven't find any way to generate original image URLs quickly. As an online image gallery, Flickr is cool. As an image sharing site, it sucks. But it's still the one with the largest storage space. Call me overthinking or over-prepared, but when … Continue reading Review #4: Flickr Size URLS Thumb Page (Userscript)