Mini-Review: QuickPic’s Online Services (Android)

It’s been a long time since I ditched my phone’s Gallery app for QuickPic.

At first I used it to select icons I would use to replace my homescreen’s icons (black icons on black background are impossible to see, and the Gallery app can’t show images’ names), but I then found out that QuickPic is a more superior alternative to the default Gallery app. I can view image folders as stacks, grids, or list, sort them by name, date, or path, play .gif files, and choose which folders that would be shown or hidden.
I adore it; I have decided not to ever use the default Gallery app again, and hide it from my launcher’s app list.
Lately they’ve added support for online services. I didn’t think much of it, since they have yet to add support for Flickr and I use none of the services (except Dropbox, but I don’t store any pictures there).
But since version 3.6 they’ve added Flickr support, and I felt obliged to try it.

The online services are accessible by sliding your finger from the left side of the app.
By pressing ‘Add’, it would show a selection of available online services; Dropbox, Flickr (You and Interesting), Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Picasa, Baidu Cloud, KuaiPan (two Chinese services), and 500px. I’m sure you’re using one or more of these services.
There are two Flickr services – ‘You’ is for your Flickr account, and Interesting is for 500 photos found on Flickr’s Explore page. You wouldn’t need an account to access Interesting, but you certainly would need it to access You.
It would ask for your Yahoo account, and then to authorizing QuickPic to access your account:


After you’re done, it would download images you’ve uploaded onto Flickr, and you could browse and view them:
You can also upload pictures from your phone to Flickr either by pressing the upload button on the bottom center or by opening any picture from QuickPic and selecting ‘Upload to cloud’ from the Share button:
Let’s look at Flickr Interesting. As what I’ve said before, you don’t need a Yahoo account to access it:
I wonder why QuickPic’s  developer don’t just name it Flickr Explore to match the source, instead of ‘Flickr Interesting’.
Another service that don’t need an account is 500px, a photography site.
Pressing the rating will take you to the photo’s original page. You can choose between categories:
Pretty pictures, aren’t they? They even retain their original size and EXIF data:
Too bad you won’t be able to save them to other location, even if the pictures came from your own Flickr account. There’s no option to do it; I’ve tried long-pressing them and checking the option menu, but there’s no option to do so.
At least you can still use them as your wallpaper from the option menu (Set as>QuickPic Wallpaper):
And I can’t find where do the app store the image I’m using as a wallpaper. It’s not on the Downloads and Pictures folder.
Oh, and one more thing – to remove a service, long-press on it and select ‘Delete”:


QuickPic, even with its integration with online services, is a gallery app. That’s all. You can set downloaded images as a wallpaper or upload your own images into online services of your liking, but you can’t use QuickPic to manage images like, say, adding tags to images you’re about to upload to Flickr. So you can’t use QuickPic as a replacement for official applications for the online services; you’ll be disappointed by its lack of features.
I can’t seem to find any Flickr app that’s free or compatible with my version of Android, so QuickPic is better than nothing.
I also can’t think of the use for the integration for services like Flickr Explore or 500px. Maybe it’s for people who want to see pretty pictures or if they’re bored of their wallpaper selection and want a beautiful, high-resolution photo.
At least that’s what I do with them.
Download QuickPic from Google Play.

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