My computer-related pet peeves

I don’t want to be a teacher when I’m out of college, but if I should do it, I would like to teach basic computer skills to kids or older people. Because from what I’ve seen, when people say they know how to use a computer, they mean that they can use some programs – like Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer- but they wouldn’t know other important basic skills like how to uninstall a program or empty the Recycle Bin.
I don’t mean you should know your computer like the back of your hand, but you will find those skills really useful, saving you time and money and maybe some other things I haven’t think of.
Here are several of my computer pet peeves – computer-related things most people don’t take seriously but really bugs me.

  • People who still use Windows XP (when they have money and hardware to upgrade).
  • People who click ‘Ignore’ right when their antivirus detected something.
  • People who right-click on a file to open it on their program of choice, instead of associating the filetype with a program.
  • People who blindly click the ‘Next’ or ‘Accept’ buttons when installing something, without looking at what’s offered on the screen (like toolbars/app bundles)
  • A desktop full of shortcuts, especially if the shortcuts are theĀ  results of the previous pet peeve.
  • Toolbars on a web browser, thanks to the second previous pet peeve.
  • Seeing someone have an unusual site like for a homepage (courtesy of the third pet peeve)
  • People who went to Google’s page (I mean, to search for something, instead of searching right from their search bar or address bar.
  • People who refresh their desktop in an attempt to make an unresponsive program responsive.
  • People who unplugged their USB drive without unmounting (‘safely removing’) it.
  • Laptop users who use their laptop on their desk, while there are some stuffs below the laptop (such as books) that makes the laptop unstable.

That’s all I can think of right now. I have nothing against you, if you’re among those who do one/more of the things I’ve listed here. I only have found that those things are impractical, or useless, or dangerous.


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