Review #7: MobisleNotes (Android, web)

If you ask me what my favorite note-taking app is, I would say that it’s Gnotes. There’s always something wrong with other apps. Evernote takes too much storage space. ColorNote is cool, but it syncs to Gmail instead of syncing to its own web service. Simplenote seems to be a great service, but I have yet to found a free client that runs on Android 2.2. The same goes for Google Keep.

But, as you can see in the title, this review is not about Gnotes. The thing that makes Gnotes less than perfect is its web interface.

There are no search bar, no configuration options, and grid views are only suitable for viewing images.

And after browsing the Play Store I found MobisleNotes. Looking at its screenshots, its web interface seems to be better than Gnotes. But I don’t try out MobisleNotes because its web interface looks better than Gnotes; I would like to see if MobisleNotes is a note-taking app worth using.

The main view of MobisleNotes shows your notes’ folders.

(If you found the green background color overwhelming, you can switch the color to white on the Settings menu.)

Tapping on the folder’s name will show you the notes inside. Unlike most note-taking app I’ve tried, which separates the folders list from the notes using tabs, menu buttons, or sliding menus, both folders list and the notes are displayed in full screen.

You can select multiple notes, but you can only delete them and change their order.

There are two kinds of notes you can make: checklist and plain text.

You see that one of the checklist’s items (‘You can check off items’) are not aligned to the other items? You can make an item a child of another item by swiping it to the right.

You can lock a note with a password, set a reminder, or move it to another folder.

You can share a note as a link and copy their contents to the clipboard. The collaborate option is only available for Premium users.

If you swipe down when on folder list. there’s a search bar.

There’s not much you can do on the Settings menu. It has an option to make links (such as URLs and e-mail addresses) clickable, but it’s greyed out for some reason. Apparently this is an OS-related issue, since I had installed MobisleNotes on Genymotion (running Android 4.1.1) out of curiosity, and the links works just fine.

Talking about syncing, if you’ve signed in to your account, MobisleNotes would automatically sync whenever you open the app. You can’t do it manually, and the only way you can tell that it’s syncing is a cloud icon on the top bar. It only seems to only sync changes I’ve made to my notes, instead to sync all of my notes.

Now that I’ve synced my notes, let’s move on to the web interface.

The web interface of MobisleNotes has two panes; the unified folders/notes list and a large pane that only could view and edit one note.

The links still doesn’t work, though.

Oh, and if you share a note as a link, here’s what it would look like:


MobisleNotes strikes me as a decent note-taking app. The official site for MobisleNotes called itself ‘the dead-simple way to do notes and to-do’s’, and it really is. It’s small, fast, and has no extra features besides of creating, organizing, and syncing text-based notes and checklists. If you only want to take notes and nothing else, maybe you’ll enjoy MobisleNotes, but if you want more, you need to look somewhere else.

I myself am quite happy to use MobisleNotes as a replacement for Gnotes, although it doesn’t have the same set of features. But if the developers of Gnotes redesign their web interface sometime in the future, I’ll come back.


  • Syncs notes quickly
  • Doesn’t support links (Android 2.2)
  • Moving a note to trash from the web doesn’t sync to the mobile version (Fixed since version 3.3.8)
  • Putting the folders list on a sliding menu (would make switching folders faster)
  • Support links for Android 2.2
  • Ability to lock app with password, not only notes


Version: 3.3.4

Developer: MobisleApps

Platform: Android, iOS, web

License: Freeware

Size: 3.8 MB (installer), 2.84 MB (installed)

Download: MobisleNotes on Play Store / MobisleNotes homepage


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