Month: November 2014

Mini-Review #2: LICEcap (Windows)

Whoa! It’s already two weeks since my last review? Nevermind. Cockos Incorporated's LICEcap is a tool you can use to create .gifs out of what’s displayed on your monitor. Think of it as a screen recorder, but it generates .gif files instead of video files. To test LICEcap, I used the game Ice Breaker, downloaded … Continue reading Mini-Review #2: LICEcap (Windows)

Review #8: Tebak Gambar (Android)

Sorry for the long break. I have just finished a 1-month-long group project that required me to stay longer at school and makes me too tired to do anything on weekends. Now I'm going to try to review a puzzle game for Android, titled 'Tebak Gambar' ('picture guessing' in Indonesian). I tested this app on … Continue reading Review #8: Tebak Gambar (Android)