Review #8: Tebak Gambar (Android)

Sorry for the long break. I have just finished a 1-month-long group project that required me to stay longer at school and makes me too tired to do anything on weekends.

Now I’m going to try to review a puzzle game for Android, titled ‘Tebak Gambar’ (‘picture guessing’ in Indonesian).
I tested this app on a Sony Experia S virtual device on Genymotion, running Android 4.1.1 with default settings, and used Screenshot Ultimate and Shutter to take screenshots.

Tebak Gambar is a puzzle game where you will presented with some pictures, and you need to guess the phrases (usually a noun and an adjective)that are depicted on the picture. Think of this question on Draw Something:
Tebak Gambar has 20 levels, each with 20 questions. You have 5 lives to start with.
The first levels are very simplistic. Each object on the picture would represent a word, like this:
Sometimes you should add, remove, or change a letter from a word to form the correct phrase:

On harder levels, the additional letters are sometimes hidden in plain sight, or are made from the objects you’re supposed to guess.
If you’re stuck, the hint button would show you the first and last letters of every word:
You only have 5 hints for each levels, so use them wisely.
The tenth question is a checkpoint. To my knowledge, when you loses all your lives when playing a game, you would be able to resume the game from the checkpoint, but it’s not the case on this game. When you lose all your lives, you would resume the game from the first question of the last level you’ve played. You would be given five lives again, though.
The 20th question of each levels, the ‘Raja Gambar’ (‘Picture King’) is the boss level of Tebak Gambar. You would need to guess a (usually) 5-word phrase in 60 seconds, with no hints. Oh, and you can’t quit the question as well.
At the end of each level, the game’s mascot would congratulate you and tell you a few words of wisdom.
The questions for the first levels are very easy (I even think an elementary school student would be able to figure them out) but as the levels goes on the pictures gets even harder to guess. I have to admit that I have cheated on some questions 😉 Of course it’s more fun to guess the answers by my own.
There are differences between the art styles of the pictures for earlier and later levels. The first levels starts off with flat and silhouette-like pictures . Then, the pictures for harder questions looks more like vector drawings. Sometimes they are colored, sometimes not (which make them look unfinished to me).


A challenging, addictive puzzle game. I’m very impressed with the selection of questions. The pictures are quite nicely drawn, but I wish all the pictures would have a consistent art style.
There are also some other things that could make the game better. A background music would be nice. The hint button shouldn’t be blinking constantly; I found it distracting.
I’m aware that this game is in Indonesian, and thus unplayable for everyone who don’t speak the language, but it would be great to play an English version of this game.

Tebak Gambar

Version: 1.1.01
Platform: iOS, Android, Windows 8
License: Freeware
Size: 14.4 MB (installer), 15.6 MB (installed)

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