Mini-Review #2: LICEcap (Windows)

Whoa! It’s already two weeks since my last review?


Cockos Incorporated’s LICEcap is a tool you can use to create .gifs out of what’s displayed on your monitor. Think of it as a screen recorder, but it generates .gif files instead of video files.

To test LICEcap, I used the game Ice Breaker, downloaded from

LICEcap has a very simple interface.

Everything inside its window – which stays on top of other windows – would be recorded. You can resize the window to choose which part of the screen you would like to record. The height and weight of the resulting .gif file could be seen on the bottom right of the window.

There’s more you can adjust than the frame rate and window size. When you click ‘Record’, a ‘Save As’ dialogue would open, which lets you choose where to save the file, and edit several things of your recording.

To get a more fluid recording, set a higher number of frame rate. Compare these .gifs I made using 8, 15, and 50 fps:

You can add text into your .gif by pausing the recording and clicking ‘Insert’. A text box would open, and you can edit its duration and opacity. Don’t forget to unpause your recording, too. The ‘title frame’ option on the ‘Save As’ dialogue works the same way, but you can’t set the opacity.

Here’s a recording I made with a title frame, elapsed time, and text insertion:


LICEcap is a very simple application to record the screen and save it as .gif files. During my testing, the resulting files have very good quality. It has a small set of features, but they’re very useful.

LICEcap would be great tool to create quick tutorials or to showcase an app’s features. I think that I’m going to use LICEcap on my future reviews.

Out of curiosity, I tried LICEcap on Ubuntu using WINE, and it works great.



  • Straightforward
  • Creates .gifs with good quality
  • Adjustable framerate and repeat count


  • None!


  • A tray icon
  • A less confusing insert text option


Version: 1.2.4 (December 29, 2013)

Developer: Cockos Incorporated

Platform: Windows

Runs on WINE?: Yes

License: Open Source

Size:  284 KB (installer), 404 KB (installed)

Download: LICEcap at Cockos Incorporated


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