Zoundry Raven Test #2

I’ve been looking for a blog editor for Linux that just works for a long time. Blogilo always fails to save posts offline, which sort of violating its purpose as an offline blog editor. Lekhonee crashes whenever I ran it when I’m connected to the internet. The interface of QTM sucks, to be honest. And they are all haven’t been updated for two years or so. Lately I installed Zoundry Raven using WINE, and to my surprise, it runs fine. I haven’t been using Zoundry Raven for months; it seems to have problems with posting long posts/posts with many images, so I switched to Windows Live Writer. I hope this app would work fine.

Update 7.29 PM: Here’s a screenshot of Raven running on Ubuntu, using WINE: Workspace 2_001_05122014.png Update 12/11: I wrote my last post on Zoundry Raven, but it crashed when I tried to open it this morning, and always failed to publish it to this blog. I guess that it’s back to square one for me.


8 thoughts on “Zoundry Raven Test #2

    1. That’s right. Just like what I’ve said, the only issue I have from running Zoundry Raven in Windows is the inability to publish long posts (it’ll be cut in half) and posts with many images.
      And thanks for updating Zoundry Raven; it’s great to see that this app is not completely abandoned.

  1. I have had problems uploading images to Picasa from Zoundry Raven before. But it could be because the Picasa server was busy at that time and Zoundry Raven didn’t handle it properly in the code during timeout. I had about 4 images to upload with sizes that is less that 100K each.

    I have had problems with empty blog post before but it was of my own doing, which I later corrected.

    The owner of this site, http://www.contrapositivediary.com, uses Zoundry Raven too (according to his previous blog posts) and his posts are quite long at times. He uses WordPress too but on his own domain and probably his own server. I don’t know; probably you had a timeout problem with your blog server at wordpress.com.

    1. Maybe the problem was that my images are too large (and too many). I use Flickr, and most of my posts have more than 10 screenshots, and the size of them all could reach 2-6 MB. And I just realized that the post that got cut in half has lots of screenshots on it…

      1. I usually resize my images to max 500 pixels in width. That’s the most decent setting that I can get upon publishing from my blog, in terms of display and downloading time.

        Also, while testing under Windows7 running under VirtualBox, I noticed that RavenPlus (maybe Zoundry Raven too) chokes upon publishing. I need at least 2 tries before succeeding. This doesn’t happen when running outside VirtualBox. Hope this helps.

      2. Yesterday, I tried to publish a 7.000 word post using Zoundry Raven (with no images) and it went successfully. And since I run an app review blog, I don’t want to resize my screenshots.
        Anyway, thanks for your support. I guess I’ll stick with Windows Live Writer right now.

      3. Thanks for letting me know about the “7000 word post” test. My guess at the moment is that there is something wrong with the FlickrAPI uploading module (which was borrowed from http://flickrapi.sf.net/; ZRaven’s version is at 1.1 released in 2008).

        Good to know that you have a choice of blogging software.


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