Review #10: NetWorx (Windows)

My monthly data plan is quota-based; I have 8 gigabytes to use each month. It’s more than enough for many people, but I sometimes wasted a few hundred megabytes for YouTube, and *ahem* torrenting, so I need to watch how much data I have used.

There are lots of data counters available for Android. On Ubuntu, I used Cairo Dock’s network applet (for monitoring speed and used data) and vnstat (for getting a summary of my data usage).



I only occasionally use Windows, but I think that a data counter is still necessary. After comparing between some programs (most of which are desktop gadgets, which I dislike) NetWorx seems to be the most promising.

NetWorx sits on Windows’ taskbar. When installed, it also installed a toolbar named  ‘Desk Band’ which would show you your current connection speed in a little graph.



Alternatively, you can show a bigger, stand-alone graph.


By clicking and hovering on the tray icon, you can also see your connection speed and data usage. This is customizable on the settings, which I would elaborate soon.

sum rate

By default, double-clicking on the tray icon would take you on a report page for you data usage. You can see how much data you have used by session, hour, day, week, month, and even how much data your applications have used.

For those on a tight budget like me, NetWorx could also set up a warning if you have used your quota above the allowed rate.




NetWorx has several tools to monitor your network’s state, like the Speed Meter and Netstat, which would test your network speed and show which applications are currently connecting to the internet.



The settings menu lets you tweak both visual (such as the look of the graphs and what kind of informations it displays) and monitoring (the types of interfaces it monitored, notifications, selective monitoring by hour/day, and dial-up settings) aspects of NetWorx.





Networx is a great tool for monitoring your connection speed and data usage. It’s basically everything I need from a data counter.

Before you check this app on the official site – there’s a portable version available, but I won’t recommend it since I had a problem with it; I can’t right click on the tray icon, so I was unable to access Networx’s features.


  • Graph is easy to read
  • Could monitor more than one interface at once
  • Has detailed usage report
  • Various customizability options


  • None so far.


  • Show data usage right on the taskbar


Version: 5.3.3 32-bit (2014)

Developer: SoftPerfect Research

License: Freeware

Size: 4 MB (installer) | 7.86 MB (installed)

Portable?: Yes

Download: Networx at SoftPerfect Research


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