Month: February 2015

Global Menu in Xfce

When I wrote on how to add window buttons and titles to Xfce's panel, I mentioned that there was no way to add Unity-style global menu to the panel, thus saving screen space. Well, not anymore. I have read on WebUpd8 that Topmenu, an global menu add-on for MATE, has been made available for Xfce. … Continue reading Global Menu in Xfce

Mini-Review #3: Minefield (Windows, Linux)

Whew, it's hard to find some breathing space these days. But I'm trying to write a quick review of a game I re-discovered recently. Minefield is a variation of Minesweeper, which is described on the Ubuntu Software Centre as 'a more arcade-y variation on the classic Minesweeper'. It still have the same direction (don't touch … Continue reading Mini-Review #3: Minefield (Windows, Linux)