Mini-Review #3: Minefield (Windows, Linux)

Whew, it’s hard to find some breathing space these days. But I’m trying to write a quick review of a game I re-discovered recently.

Minefield is a variation of Minesweeper, which is described on the Ubuntu Software Centre as ‘a more arcade-y variation on the classic Minesweeper’. It still have the same direction (don’t touch the mines), but with an interesting twist.


In this game, you should guide your character through a minefield, which is basically a minesweeper board, to an exit in a few minutes. You can move with your mouse or the arrow keys, although I prefer the latter. You also need to collect some gold to open the exit.




Opening a square might make a ‘Wanderer’ appear on the board. Don’t let it touch you, or you’ll die. To prevent this from happening, you should lure the Wanderer towards a mine, which would detonate it and uncover more squares.


You’ll also find some sticks lying on the minefield, which you could throw to a square containing a mine to detonate it without killing yourself. This should be useful if you need to pick up a gold which resides on the same square as a mine. Although you’re not required to collect all the golds, you can get stuck if you have used all your stick and still haven’t collect the required golds.


If only I have a stick…


Minefield makes Minesweeper fun again, not only with neat graphics and sound effects, but also with a slightly different goal; instead of having to reveal all the squares in a board which doesn’t contain any mines, the player should clear a line from the starting point to the exit without exceeding the given time or being killed by the Wanderers.

Minefield is available for both Windows and Linux, and I’ve tried both versions. The graphics are fine, and the game runs smoothly on Linux. However, when making fast movements on the field, the Windows version often slowed down, and after checking the Task Manager, it turned out that the game has consumed 50% of memory.

As of now, I lose this game more often than win it (usually by stepping on a mine not far from the starting point), but this game is still quite addictive.


  • Great concept


  • Memory-consuming (Windows version)
  • Not actively updated


  • Adjustable grid size, mines, time, etc.


Developer: Rob Jinman

Version: 1.1.0 (April 6, 2013)

License: GNU GPL v3 (Source available on Github)

Portable?: Yes

Size: 5.7 MB (compressed, Linux Version) / 6.4 MB (compressed, Windows version)

Download: Minefield at R.Jinman blog | Minefield on Game Jolt


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