Month: April 2015

App Showdown #2: Linux Media Converters (Part 1: The Apps)

I've been struggling to search for something that resembles XMedia Recode, my favorite media converter, for Linux. Something easy to use that allows me to convert audio and video files to other formats and to edit videos, preferably with a preview pane. I don't want a preset-based converter, like Arista or WinFF. Presets can be … Continue reading App Showdown #2: Linux Media Converters (Part 1: The Apps)

Fixing GPG and ‘Duplicate Sources’ Errors

Here's a confession: I haven't installed any updates on my Ubuntu for a few months. The Software Updater still notified me of updated softwares, but I couldn't install them. Whenever I chose to install the updates, or even download anything from the Software Center, it would tell me that it 'requires installation of untrusted packages'. … Continue reading Fixing GPG and ‘Duplicate Sources’ Errors