An Update of My Life + Two Planned Reviews

Tomorrow, from April 13 to 21, I’ll be starting my finals. I’m both anxious and excited. I think that my weak points are Indonesian (I still make careless decisions) and Economy (so many things to remember, and the questions varies a lot).

Although from this year the results won’t decide whether I’ll graduate or not, it can’t be denied that they will be an important factor in college enrollment.

I’m the only student in my grade who chose Russian literature as one of my future majors. This, also with the fact that it’s a quite unpopular major (at one dignified university, only 556 applied for it last year, compared to 3,323 for Civil Engineering), might made it look like it would be an easy major to get. But I’m still really worried that I won’t make it. My grades, although pretty good, might still be surpassed by someone out there…

In applying for college, a certificate that signified that you’ve won a competition in high school, both academic and non-academic, could help. I didn’t win anything big in high school until last February,when I unexpectedly won an inter-city pre-TOEFL championship (yes, there’s such a thing, and they do it every year). I hope it could give me a boost.

And what does the above things relate to this blog?

Well, to cool off, after my finals I’ll review UC Mini, which is a tinier version of UC Browser, a recently popular and heavily-advertised browser (I’ve seen it everywhere; on banners on top of websites, on a popular local image sharing site, on AdMob on the bottom of ad-supported apps). It seems to be a worthy contender for Opera Mini, my favorite mobile web browser.

I’ve been searching for a good media converter for Linux, favorably something comparable to XMedia Recode in wealth of features.This week I found three media converter apps, and I’ll do a head-to-head review of them.

Stay tuned.


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