Month: May 2015

Helping a friend

During the past two weeks, I've helped my friend to do several things. Two weeks ago, she asked me to reduce the size of some scanned documents in pdf format to only 50-200 kb, while still being readable. I found out that I can use Ghostscript to compress the files (thanks to Jorge) using the … Continue reading Helping a friend


I have just installed Kodi (previous name: XBMC) and I was surprised that it ran pretty smoothly. When idle it used 93 MB of memory, which would rise to 140 MB when playing a media. I found nothing so different from the last version of XBMC I used (XBMC 12.3 Frodo, on Windows) and this … Continue reading Kodi

App Showdown #2: Linux Media Converters (Part 2: The Results)

On the first part of this article, I have broken down the interfaces of three converters: Curlew, FF Multi Converter, and dmMediaConverter. But how good are they really in converting and editing videos? To find out, I've created two tasks. Let's see how the converters handled them. Test 1: Converting video and change its volume … Continue reading App Showdown #2: Linux Media Converters (Part 2: The Results)