Horizontal Line Across Screen on Xfce

Last Friday, I finally got the newest release of Xfce, Xfce 4.12. However, after logging in, I saw a horizontal line running on the lower part of my screen from one side to another.

At first I thought (and dreaded) that it’s a driver issue, or that my display is broken, but the line only appeared when I use Xfce; it doesn’t appear when I switch to Unity or use Windows.

I googled and found no issues that resemble mine, but I got the idea to take a screenshot of my screen and see if the line appeared on the result. It was.

A closer look made me notice that the line appeared on top of Cairo Dock, and hovering over the file browser applet made similar lines appeared around it.

I finally found the fix: open Window Manager Tweaks and untick the ‘Show shadows under dock windows’ checkbox on the Compositor tab. It would remove shadows from under docks and deskbars.

As a comparison, here’s my desktop with and without shadows under dock windows:

I also have another issue; the Appearance settings won’t start. Running it from the terminal (xfce4-appearance-settings) suggested that the problem was buffer overflow. Haven’t found anything similar to this.

53 thoughts on “Horizontal Line Across Screen on Xfce

  1. I’ve seen the first issue you mentioned. It doesn’t only affect Docks like Cairo but also Xfce’s own panel when you set it to transparent.

    I haven’t seen the other issue but suspect it is a distro problem. You don’t mention which distro you are using but I suggest you raise a bug report there.

  2. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Was tearing my hair out looking for that exact setting for that exact problem.

  3. thanks for that helpful tip, it was bugging me all day.. even though I’ve worked with Xubuntu before I got tired of digging through the settings. My orginal instinct was to look through the cairo-dock settings

  4. Thanks nochkawtf. I was going crazy trying to find what caused this. Googled like mad, but obviously with the wrong keywords. I posted my problem over at Ubuntuforums, where I was pointed toward this article.

  5. Thank You! The line appeared the same day I installed plank but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. When taking any application full screen the line went away but it was still driving me crazy. One simple checkbox, I dont think i would have stumbled upon the solution myself.

  6. Thanks so much, this helped me out alot. I had just installed mx-16 on GT 5636E desktop pc, dual boot mint 18.1 , I am really liking this OS and I am thankful for your fine instructions!

  7. Thank you so much! I booted into Xubuntu an hour or so ago, and there was the exact same bar. Funny thing is, it didn’t appear when I used it earlier today.

  8. Hi nochkawtf, in first place, thanks for the help with that line, and last, what Icon Theme are you using in this pictures, please? Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks, it’s great to know this helps you 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t remember what icon theme I was using in the screenshots. I’ll update this comment as soon as I figure it out.

      UPDATE: Looks like it’s Evolvere, especially the “sunken” variant.

  9. Thanks! That worked like a charm, still trying to figure out how to prevent Docky from crashing when adding the “Session Manager” docklet…

  10. Thanks!!! I had the same problem and it was driving me up the wall! Just got XFCE, too, so I didn’t have the slighest clue on where to start fixing that problem.

  11. The horizontal just showed up for me and the setting had somehow become set. Thanks for the fix! (Xubuntu 16.04 here.)

  12. another one who owes you a beer! I’m on FreeBSD 12 with XFCE (making a transition from Nomad BSD because that was too fidgety to install in the current version . They had this one licked and it was driving me bonkers.

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