Mini-Review #4: Icecream Ebook Reader (Windows)

I love reading, and when I’m not frequenting used book shops and book fairs, I would download free books from sites such as Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg.

Although I usually read books on my phone, and use my computer mostly to organize them (using Calibre), I still feel the need to try Icecream Apps’ Ebook Reader.

The app is easy to set up. You start with adding some books. I chose my collection of manuals from MakeUseOf in epub format. You can choose between Bookshelf and Table view.

Double-click on a book to open it.

Using the icons on the top-right corner, you can change the font size, open the table of contents, add bookmarks, change the viewing mode from single column to dual column, and go to full screen mode.

You can also choose between three color profiles to make reading comfortable in different times of day: day, night, and sepia.

The ebook reader supports popular ebook formats (epub, mobi, prc, and fb2), pdf files, and comic book archives (cbz and cbr). It would open the pdf in a fit-to-screen mode, which is not at all comfortable. I needed to zoom in a couple of times to read comfortably. However, pdf is not a good format for ebooks to start with.

Opening a .cbz file also loads it in fit-to-screen, but clicking the 1.1 button in single-view mode made it fit comfortably to the screen. Well, that depends on the size of the images inside the archive.



Icecream Ebook reader is a very pretty app. If you use Windows 8, it won’t look out of place, with its round, monochrome icons and overall Metro UI-inspired interface.

The display adjustments are pretty minimal, but even with the default setting, they look neat and comfortable to see. I have never found any desktop ebook reader app which has different profiles, and it’s great to see one. Sometimes, paraphrasing Maddox, reading a wall of black text over white background on your screen is like staring at a lightbulb.

The memory usage of the app depends on the word count of your book and how many images it contain. Feedbooks’ edition of War and Peace, which has more than 560.000 words, uses 70-75 MB, while one of MakeUseOf’s guide, which has much fewer word count and 20-something images, uses 103-120 MB of memory. When idle, showing the library, it uses 22-25 MB.

Overall, it’s a nice app, but the memory usage is too much for my taste. I prefer something lighter, like Cool Reader or FBReader.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Different profiles
  • PDF and CBR/Z support


  • Large memory usage, especially when working with images
  • Links in books are not clickable


  • Ability to adjust line spacing


Icecream Ebook Reader

  • Developer: Icecream Apps
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 16.8 MB (Installer) / 53.34 MB (Installed)
  • Portable: No
  • Download: Icecream Apps’ Website

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