Month: July 2015

6 Android Apps I Discovered Recently

I finally have a new phone! It's an Asus Zenfone C, running Android 4.4.2. It's a great phone, and thanks to the better specifications and OS, I can use and test newer apps unavailable on my old phone. I still want to follow the same rules I imposed myself when using my old phone (install … Continue reading 6 Android Apps I Discovered Recently

Nochkawtf’s first anniversary!

Yeah, I should've written this on June. But I don't have time to manage this blog during the last 2 months. I actually have no idea when is the anniversary of this blog, but I'll use June 2, 2014, the date of my first post. According to WordPress' stats page, I've written 46 posts and … Continue reading Nochkawtf’s first anniversary!