Nochkawtf’s first anniversary!

Yeah, I should’ve written this on June. But I don’t have time to manage this blog during the last 2 months.

I actually have no idea when is the anniversary of this blog, but I’ll use June 2, 2014, the date of my first post.

According to WordPress’ stats page, I’ve written 46 posts and this blog has been visited 1.646 times by 1.127 (unique?) visitors.


It’s pretty interesting that two-third of them visited this year. Most of them came from the United States (666 visits). I got this by adding up the number of visits from 2014 and 2015.


Here are  the 10 most read posts on this blog:

  1. Saving my screen estate on Xfce (Linux, Firefox) (176 views)
  2. Review #5: Ema Personal Wiki (Windows, Android) (120 views)
  3. Global Menu in Xfce (90 views)
  4. Review #6: XYplorer (Windows) (75 views)
  5. Mini-Review: QuickPic’s Online Services (Android) (61 views)
  6. Favorite Apps #1: App Launchers (Linux, Windows, Android) (59 views)
  7. Horizontal Line Across Screen on Xfce (56 views)
  8. Review #2: Zoundry Raven (Windows) (53 views)
  9. Review #7: MobisleNotes (Android, web) (49 views)
  10. App Showdown #1: WP Write vs ScribeFire Next, tested using WordPress (42 views)

It’s pretty rare that someone commented on my posts, but when they do, I’m always glad to see them. Some of the comments I’ve gotten came from the developers of apps I’ve written about, like Dalacu Marius (dmMediaConverter), T.C. Chuah (Zoundry Raven Plus), and Marjorie Hoekstra (Inoreader). Recently, I also found out that at least two guys were helped by one of my posts (one of them called me ‘a gentleman and a scholar’ which is pretty funny).

I write on this blog mostly for myself (it’s always been that way from the beginning), but it’s great to see that people actually read my posts and found them helpful. I hope I can keep maintain this blog, since I’ll be starting university very soon.


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