App Showdown #3: My Class Schedule vs Timetable

It’s the first month of me being a college student. I think it’s time for me to start using a schedule manager to handle my classes and tasks. I have tried using one when I’m still in high school, but I found myself overwhelmed by the number of courses I had to attend in a week (15 then vs 5 now).
Back then I used My Class Schedule, but now I would also like to try the quite popular Timetable. Both apps not only could show you what class you’ll have tomorrow, but also could manage your tasks and exams.
Now let’s see which one is better.

Adding Courses

The first thing to do when you’re using these apps is to add the classes you’re attending. You can add teachers, classrooms, start/end time, color, and for Timetable, abbreviations for each classes. You can only choose between 24 colors on Timetable. My Class Schedule has much more colors to choose from, thanks to a color picker, but it’s pretty hard to use.

On both apps, you’re not limited with one teacher, classroom, or time per course. For example, I have Chinese classes on Monday and Thursday, but the former starts at 11 am while the latter on 8 am. On My Class Schedule, I can add a new lesson, while on Timetable I can add a new Detail page.
If you have a class that doesn’t start weekly, such as biweekly or monthly, My Class Schedule has an option to set it in the ‘Frequency’ menu. Timetable has the same function, but you must set the week cycle to four weeks (default is one week) from the settings.
After adding several classes, My Class Schedule would create lists of your courses and teachers. Timetable doesn’t have such feature, but if you tap on a class, it would show a quick overview of it.

Day and Week View

After adding all your classes, you can see all of your color-coded classes for a day or a week. On My Class Schedule, you can switch between views on the top left dropdown menu, while on Timetable, you can switch using a sliding menu. The week view of both apps are similar to weekly planners; both shows a table with names of days as columns and hours as rows.

On my Class Schedule, you can swipe left or right to move to the previous and next week. If you have set Timetable to use a four week schedule, you can also swipe between weeks, but unlike My Class Schedule, it doesn’t match actual calendar week; it quite confusingly shows ‘Week A/B/C/D’ to signify the first to fourth week of a month.

On day view, My Class Schedule again shows your schedule on a table, while Timetable simply shows you a list of it.

Both apps came with widgets, both for home screen and lock screen. My Class Schedule’s free version only has one type of widget (your upcoming classes).

On the other hand, Timetable offers two types of widget for Upcoming Classes and Tasks, along with smaller versions of both. They look much better.

Tasks, Exams, and Holidays
On My Class Schedule, there’s a screen called ‘Upcoming Events’ you can use to view and add tasks and exams. When you’ve finished an exam, you can add the mark so My Class Schedule could count your average score for the course.

You can add holidays on another screen next to the courses/teachers list. The holiday will also appear on your weekly schedule.

Meanwhile, tasks, exams, and holidays are handled by Timetable in different screens. You can see all of them on the Dashboard, although they’re pretty subtle. If you open the Dashboard on the day before the holiday, it will show the next class available after the holiday. The tasks, exams, and holidays won’t appear on both the day view and week view. The holiday will appear on the upcoming classes widget, though.

Admittedly, it’s pretty hard for me to conclude which of these two applications is the best. Both does their jobs really well.
Aesthetically, I prefer Timetable, with its Material Design and well-designed widgets (great when I forgot on which building my class is). But My Class Schedule has some features Timetable doesn’t have, such as the calendrical week view and the ability to count the average scores for your courses.
So it’s all up to you, then. Try both apps and see which one do you like the most. I still install both of them on my phone.

My Class Schedule
Developer: Sebastian Mayer
Version: 3.0.8-f
Size: 4.79 Mb
License: Adware (Paid version with no ads available)
Link: Homepage | Google Play

Developer: Gabriel Littner
Version: 1.7.6
Size: 4.89 Mb
License: Freeware
Link: Timetable

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