4 Android Launchers You Should Try

During the 4 years I’ve used an Android phone, I have tried many launchers. Here are 4 Launchers that recently caught my attention and I found to be pretty good.
(Yeah, I have all of them installed right now)

Smart Launcher
You might have heard of or used Smart Launcher, which has been downloaded for about 10 million times. I think it’s the most well-designed launcher available on Android.
Smart Launcher’s home screen puts app shortcuts not in a usual dock, but in a circular arrangement  that took most of the bottom part of the screen, while the top part hosts a widget and a multi purpose search bar.

By swiping from the left of the screen, you can access the app drawer, which automatically organizes your apps in several categories.

You can also apply icon themes and theme packs. There’s a lock screen as well, but unfortunately they’re not as interactive as Android’s default one.

There’s a paid version available, which allows you to access more features like adding new categories, gestures, and multiple widgets.

Mini Desktop
Mini Desktop is the simplest launcher I’ve ever used, although maybe not the simplest out there. All this launcher has is a vertical-scrolling app drawer and a dock on the bottom, somewhat reminds me of iOS.

There’s almost no options for customization; you can only hide apps, add apps to the dock, and change the sorting of apps. No funky animations or icon packs. Anyway, it’s a great, fast, no-nonsense launcher.

Nano Launcher
Nano Launcher has a short comic in its About section that explains what they’re trying to do: maximizing your productivity and happiness by keeping things simple.
It might not look like it at first, but Nano Launcher tries to organize your apps in an efficient manner. By default, it has three screens: a home screen with a simple widget and a grid of apps, another screen which shows you your most used and just-installed apps, and your app drawer, sorted alphabetically (you can add a fourth screen for widgets on the settings)

There’s a pretty unique feature called Smart Reminder, which would make a message pop up on top of the screen to remind you if you’ve used your phone too long, and you should do something more productive instead.

Nano Launcher also has many nature-based wallpapers, which you can apply and download from the home screen.

Total Launcher
Back then, my default launcher is Lightning Launcher, a tiny launcher with an amazing amount of customizability options. Total Launcher, although not as tiny and not as customizable , is a pretty good competitor.
Total Launcher treats everything, even docks and app drawers, as widgets you can put on your home screens, and it’s all up to you how to put them. You can resize, rotate, stack, and edit them freely.

If you don’t want to create your layout from scratch, Total Launcher has a small selection of themes, but they’re very attractive and has distinguished looks.

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