Mini-Review #5: Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (Android)

Neko Atsume is a mobile game for people who like to see cute cats playing in our backyard (don’t we all?). It recently has an English translation available, which seems to boost its popularity and pushed it to the landing page of Google Play Store, where I found out about this game.

The premise of this game is pretty simple: put food and toys on your yard to attract cats. To see them, you’ll need to close the app or leave it running in the background and check back later.

After visiting your yard, cats will leave some fish (either silver fishes or rarer, more valuable gold fish) as a thank you gift, which you can use to buy more food, toys, and cat furnitures. There are lots of items available, from simple cardboard box, hamburger-shaped pillow, to a three-tier cat tower.

There are 48 cats that could visit your yard, each with their own name, fur pattern/color, personality, and favorite toys. You can see them by tapping on the cat. Those information could also be seen on the Catbook, which is a database containing all the cats that have visited you.

You can also take pictures of cats or your entire backyard. The pictures of cats will go to their photo albums (also accessible from the Catbook). The pictures of your backyard could be seen on your phone’s storage.

A cat could also leave you mementos. The mementos are small, random items, but you’ll need to have cats coming repeatedly to get them. The amount of times a cat to visit depends on the cats themselves; some cats would give mementos after 10-15 visits, while others would visit for more than 50 times yet still haven’t give them.

If you don’t think your yard is too small to put all your toys in, you can expand the cat’s play area to include a room inside your house (costs 180 gold fish).


Neko Atsume is a cute, fun game. At first it seems like there’s not much to do, since this game has limited interactivity (you can’t ‘pet’ cats, they come and go as they please, and only every few hours) but this game made me check my phone every 10 minutes to see if a cat has visited my backyard. It’s also great that this well-made game has almost no ads (the only ad you can see is on the ‘Connect’ menu) and no in-app purchases that rips you off (you can buy gold fishes with actual money, but you can also exchange it with your silver ones).

There’s no hard-set goal for this game. You can aim to have all 48 cats visiting your backyard, collect all mementos, or buy every possible items from the store. Or you can just sit back and watch the cats having fun.

Although this game is pretty casual and is only 1 year old, this game has gained many fans and there are many guides available, usually for choosing the right furniture to gain more fish and how to attract rare cats. There’s even a subreddit and a wiki.


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