Mini-Review#7: AcDisplay (Android)

I recently tried AcDisplay, which, according to the description, is ‘a new way to show notifications on Android’. Whenever you have a new notification, it will show you a screen with the current date/time and the notification icons on the bottom. Just like on the default notification bar, you can interact with them and dismiss them by swiping.

I think that at this point, this is a good idea, but having a full-screen app to open whenever I got a new notification can be annoying. Fortunately, AcDisplay can run as a lockscreen, and won’t launch when the screen is on.

When used as a lock screen, AcDisplay would also show the currently playing song and main music player controls.

There’s not much information to see on AcDisplay, but you can replace it with a widget of your liking, such as DashClock.

AcDisplay is a simple, beautiful app which works great as a lock screen. Unfortunately, I can’t use it daily since my phone don’t have enough RAM to run it along with other apps (the perks of having a low-end phone:)). AcDisplay uses about 30 MB of RAM, which gets higher when using widgets.


Developer: Artem Chepurnoy

Platform: Android (4.1 and up)

License: Open-Source (GNU GPL v2+)

Version: 3.8.4 (29 July 2015)

Size: 4.0 MB

Links: Website | Google Play | F-Droid | Github


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