Dual-booting, Hibernation, and Missing Files

If you dual-boot your computer with Windows and Linux like me, you must’ve encountered this problem: you’ve logged in to Linux, created some files there, save them to a NTFS partition so you can access them from both OSes, then log in to Windows, and realized that you have hibernated Windows the last time you used it instead of shutting it down. And your files are nowhere to be found. Restarting Windows would make it run chkdsk before allowing you to log in, left you to watch in horror as Windows deleted your ‘corrupted’ files.

You should always turn your computer off if you want to switch between OSes. When you logged out from Linux and logged back to (hibernated) Windows, Windows would find differences on the NTFS file system before and after hibernation, thinks that the file system is corrupted, and restored the file system to the state before hibernation.

This has happened a few times to me, and the last time it happened, I lost about 3 GB of files. Fortunately, I could restore them using Recuva, which I always use to recover deleted files. You might need to tick ‘Scan for non-deleted files’ on Recuva’s options to find your files. And don’t recover the files to the same drive, since it might corrupt your data; I chose a flash drive.

Image 6_result

Image 7

Image 3_result

References: Super User | Ask Ubuntu


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