Month: March 2016

Review #13: Abricotine (Linux)

Last year I wrote about two browser-based blog editors, which I don't use anymore. Now, if I have an idea for my blog but no internet connection, I wrote it using a markdown editor and save it simply as a .md file. There's no shortage of markdown editors for Linux (including add-ons for plain text … Continue reading Review #13: Abricotine (Linux)

[Android] How to become Less Dependent on Your Launcher

It might sound confusing, but you know the idea: You must've had some apps you use very often. To access them easily, you put them on your homescreen. Maybe some of them are in folders to make them a little more organized. But what if you want to access apps that you don't use very … Continue reading [Android] How to become Less Dependent on Your Launcher