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I’m not an avid reader of fan fictions, but I recently stumbled upon several stories on that I like so much I considered to download them, so I could read them on my phone without internet connection, and won’t feel so bad if it disappeared from the website.

Unfortunately, you can’t download the stories in a convenient format straight from the website (unlike AO3, another fanfic website that lets you download stories in epub/txt file format). But it’s still possible to download them using other ways, as I’ll show you here.

For Casual Readers: FicSave
FicSave is a website that can convert stories to 3 formats (epub, mobi, and txt) . It requires no sign up, captchas, or e-mail address (although it’s optional): just paste the url of the story, select the format, and you’re done. Besides, it also supports 4 other fanfic sites.

FicSave preserves the formatting of the story, such as headings, links, and table of contents.

(Preview from Play Books)

FicSave is good if you rarely read fanfictions and once in a while find a great story that you want to save.

For Avid Readers and/or Calibri Users: FanFicFare

If you use Calibre, you can install FanFicFare plugin from the plugins window. By default, it’s as simple to use as FicSave, but under the hood, it has lots of configuration options as well.

This comprehensive plugin can download stories from many, many sites in four formats, with the ability to update the ebook file if the story has been updated, automatically download stories from sites that requires username & password, add custom metadata columns for easy organizing, and integrate it with other plugins to add covers and word count.

The resulting ebook file looks great; it retains all of the original formattings, and the tags and summary have been inserted to its metadata.

Besides a Calibre plugin, FanFicFare is also available as cli program and a website, which requires Google account (so you could save your list of downloaded fanfics).
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