Month: February 2017

Splitting, Converting, and Printing PDF Files

I'm dealing with two PDF files lately - a book and a dissertation, both are required reading materials. They're both huge and has hundreds of pages, but I only need to read a few pages from the textbook and a chapter from the dissertation. Fortunately, Linux has some PDF tools to fix this. As an … Continue reading Splitting, Converting, and Printing PDF Files

Changing LibreOffice’s File Dialog

Not a long time ago, I prefer WPS Office to LibreOffice, since I was used to Microsoft Office-like ribbon interface than traditional menus. But now, to stay true to my use of open-source software, I switched to LibreOffice. So far so good, but LibreOffice's file dialog sucks. It takes time to move to other folders, … Continue reading Changing LibreOffice’s File Dialog