Returning to Simplenote

I’ve used Google Keep for a year (I guess), but I’ve decided to return to Simplenote.

I used both the Android and web version of Google Keep, but syncing notes on Android’s Keep to the server is an annoying process. I would need to turn the background data on (which I don’t usually do, to save data & battery) and refresh the app. I would know that my notes have been synced when the URLs I put on my notes turn to rich previews, but it would take about 30 seconds to a few minutes.

The web version also has its problems. For me, the grid view (which looks like a wall of different-sized sticky notes) looks nice, but it’s not so efficient, especially if you have a long text note. This is the same reason why I left Gnotes (which still doesn’t change their interface). The list view doesn’t help much.

Also, if I remove a link on a note and replace it with another, the rich preview will retain the old link and add the new one below; I would have to manually remove it.

I thought I can deal with these problems since Keep has some useful features, but then I realized I never use any of those, except tags. I almost never make checklists, save a picture/drawing as a note, set a reminder, or change the color of a note.

So I’ve decided to return to a simpler, faster note-taking app. The only thing Simplenote lacks is clickable URLs on notes, but there are Firefox add-ons that can fix that.

Long time no see.

Note: An issue with Simplenote’s web interface I often forget about is that the tag bar somehow shows my email address. This is how to fix it.

Update: I’m not a fan of its interface, but now I use nvPY as a Simplenote client, since Simplenote’s web interface has some issues.



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