Creating Flashcards in Bulk

I mostly use flashcards to remember Chinese vocabularies. It’s pretty helpful, but I found creating cards to be a boring, repetitive process. It turns out that creating a .csv file and importing them to Anki/AnyMemo is easier and faster than creating cards one by one, and as a bonus, you have a convenient list of whatever it is you’re studying.

On LibreOffice, make three columns, without titles; the first contains the info you would put on the front side of the flashcard, the second contains the info on the back, and the third contains the tag (if you want to). For example, in this file, the first column contains Chinese words, the second contains their meanings, and the third contains the word class.


On desktop Anki, go to File>Import, and select the .csv file you’ve created. If you saved it with a different delimiter or have different field (column) order than my example, you can adjust it on the Import options.




On AnyMemo, go to Misc>Import>Import CSV. Unlike Anki, Anymemo can only perceive any .csv file’s column order as front-back-tags.



As you can see, this method works best for plain-text infos.


2 thoughts on “Creating Flashcards in Bulk

  1. Been following your blog and like what I see! Have you got an email address or something i can contact you on?

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