(Slightly) Bad News

My earphone got broken last week. It has the same problem my previous 2 earphones and a headphone have: sound won’t some out from one of the cables.
For your information, my earphone (or to be exact, in-ear headphone) is a Philips SHE1405BK, and it’s a pretty good, although cheap, earphone. I bought it a year ago and for the past 5 months I’ve been pairing it with my Benjie K9. They’re a great couple.
I know that this earphone is cheap, and but I don’t feel like spending some money to buy a replacement right now. Then I remember that I still have a pair of earphones I got from the K9. It’s an earbud type and costs about a third of my broken earphones, so it’s not as comfortable and doesn’t sound as good, but I’m quite happy with it as a replacement earphone for now.

My broken Philips earphone (left) and working Benjie one.


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