Adding IzzyOnDroid Repo to F-Droid

I’m a fan of F-Droid. I like to use open-source apps, but trying to find them on the Play Store can be a pain in the ass.

I recently found about IzzyOnDroid, a third-party repository for F-Droid. Among the available third-party repositories, IzzyonDroid has the widest selection of apps. Thanks to it, I’ve found some interesting apps like Eleven (CyanogenMod’s default music player), Series Guide (a manager for TV series and movies), Telecine (a simple screen recorder), tldroid (viewer of simplified man pages), and Standard Notes (cross-platform note-taking app).

Apps on IzzyonDroid are sourced from GitHub and are updated in the past year, so you won’t find unmaintained apps on it. This approach is also recently done by F-Droid itself, by putting apps that are not actively developed on a separate repository (the F-Droid archive).

Some apps available from IzzyOnDroid repo.

How to add IzzyOnDroid repo

Open F-Droid’s menu and go to ‘Repositories’, where you can view and enable/disable your repositories. Press the ‘New Repository’ button on top right corner.


Copy and paste IzzyOnDroid’s address (the fingerprint is optional, but I added it anyway):


F-Droid will automatically add and refresh the repository.





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