Missing Menu Bar

So a few weeks ago I tried out Vala Panel AppMenu, a global menu that’s said to be compatible with a wider selection of apps (like as Qt and Electron apps) than TopMenu, the global menu applet I’ve been using on Xfce.

(The similarities between them are 1) They won’t play well with some GTK themes, and 2) They can’t handle Tcl/Tk apps like NvPy)

It’s all good until a few days later, when Vala Panel AppMenu won’t stop restarting and I decided to remove it. I followed the instructions to revert the changes and put TopMenu back on the panel… but it didn’t go really well. At first, nothing happened after I reset the Xconf settings, thus apps ended up without menu bars. Now I’ve had it sorted out, but Electron apps (such as Typora and Min) and LibreOffice still doesn’t have menu bars.

I’ve tried installing and uninstalling packages related to Vala Panel AppMenu, but nothing fixes my problem. The missing menu bars appeared when I switched to other DEs, so I guess this is solely Xfce’s problem.

LibreOffice & Typora without menu bars.




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