Things I do before using Mac OS

My school library’s public computer room is lined with iMacs. There are about 50 computers, and most of them are the old models with Snow Leopard, but a bunch of them are the newest models, with Yosemite (I always choose these, of course).

Unfortunately, these shiny newer iMacs come with some tiny annoyances, which makes them annoying to use. To fix them, I have to go to the System Preferences, which icon is easily accessible on the dock’s right corner.

Disabling spell check

Mac OS has system-wide spell check, which might be neat when you’re typing an essay. Unfortunately, it will correct everything I type as soon as I press Space, including my usernames when I’m trying to log on to my online accounts.

To disable it, go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Text, and uncheck ‘Correct Spelling Automatically’.


Enabling right-click

Somehow right-clicking is not enabled by default on Mac OS. Even Apple’s own support page seems to suggest users to hold the Control key while left-clicking instead.

It turns out that by default, both the left and right buttons of a mouse are mapped as ‘Primary button’ (i.e. left button). To fix this, go to System Preferences>Mouse, and select ‘Secondary button’ on the dropdown menu that points to the right mouse button.


Show sound menu (and mute)

No explanation needed – I’m using a library’s public computer, after all.

To make the sound icon visible on the menu bar, go to System Preferences>Sound, and check the ‘Show volume in menu bar’ box way on the bottom of the window.


Virtual keyboard (sometimes)

Many iMacs here have keyboards with broken keys, so i have to use Mac OS’s virtual keyboard (or, according to them, ‘Keyboard Viewer’). To show it, go to System Preferences>Keyboard, and check ‘Show Keyboard, Emoji, & Symbol Viewers in menu bar’. When the icon appeared on the menu bar, click on it and select ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’.





I believe the reason for most of these nags to exist is purely aesthetic. As far as I know, right-click and visible volume buttons are two of the basic necessities for any OSes. Or maybe the guys at Apple HQ want users to use their function keys  instead of the mouse, which makes sense for laptop users, but confusing for desktop users.

Honestly, I’m tired of tweaking Mac OS’s preferences every time I use it to make it usable, which is why I use my own laptop when possible.


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