Month: January 2018

Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50

I’ve been having my Benjie K9 for a year, and I’m quite satisfied by it. Other than some chipping paint, it’s still in great condition. If I have some extra money, I’d like to buy another player this year. At first I’m thinking of buying a Benjie S5, which has its own 100+ page thread … Continue reading Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50

Superstart/Humble New Tab Page

I’ve been really busy this semester and only had time to upgrade Firefox to v57 (Quantum) recently. It’s a great release; it has a better interface (never been a fan of Australis theme tbh; love the new ‘libraries’ menu), and I can’t remember the time when Firefox has been this responsive before. I really appreciate … Continue reading Superstart/Humble New Tab Page