Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50

I’ve been having my Benjie K9 for a year, and I’m quite satisfied by it. Other than some chipping paint, it’s still in great condition. If I have some extra money, I’d like to buy another player this year. At first I’m thinking of buying a Benjie S5, which has its own 100+ page thread on Head-Fi due to its sound quality and price, but lately I saw another players on the market – Ruizu X26 and X50.

Ruizu is a music player brand I often see but never consider buying. The most popular model it has is the X02, which price is only 2/3rds of the K9 and shares the same design, but I didn’t think of buying it last year simply because I prefer K9’s metal body instead of X02’s plastic one. Besides that, I don’t like the somewhat tacky design of Ruizu’s other models, such as the X06, the X08, and the X18.

However, there are some Ruizu players that I think are decent-looking. There’s Ruizu X20, which is basically the X02 with separate back and menu button, and also the X05 model which is very similar to Benjie S5 (and possibly the only model with a metal body), although S5 is much more popular. Ruizu’s website also features other models than those I’ve mentioned, but I can’t find most of them on sale near me.

Lately I’ve been catching up with some new PMP models and found three new Ruizu models: A50, X26 and X50 (aka Agptek H50, A26, and A50). A hi-fi player like A50 is not what I need (although it has some good reviews), so I put my interest in the other two models. The first thing I realized about them is their physical similarity to Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip and Clip Sport, respectively:

The X26 and the X50.

And that’s a good thing. I’ve been coveting those Sandisk players for years, and they’re very hard to find – if any, their prices are ridiculously high. Apparently, the Clip Zip has been discontinued, so that adds to my difficulty of trying to obtain it. These two models would be a pretty good alternative.

The biggest advantage these players have would be the clips on their backs, of course. I usually put my K9 in my pants pocket, but its weight makes it hard to put in and take out, especially with my phone or wallet also inside my pocket. Being able to clip it to my clothes would be much more convenient. Both players have Bluetooth too, which is something I rarely use but is still a nice feature. On some listings I saw that they also have a pedometer function, which I strangely didn’t see in their official pages. I can live without it, though – I prefer the one on my phone.

Still, between the two Ruizu models I prefer the X50, due to its bigger color screen and better design. I even think it’s the most well-designed Ruizu model I’ve ever seen. As for the firmware, I don’t expect anything different from other Ruizu models.

Both X26 and X50 are available from online retailers in my country, although X50 was sold out pretty quickly. I’m also keeping an eye on international e-commerce sites like Gearbest and Banggood, in case they’re not locally available. I hope I can get one of them in a few months.


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