About this blog

Read my introduction post here.

In this blog, I’ll post reviews of apps, experiences, findings, and (rarely) personal thoughts regarding three two operating systems: Android, Linux, and Windows. The apps featured here are mostly free and/or open source.
Nochkawtf stands for ‘Nochka’s Weekly Tech Findings ‘, although this blog is actually updated without a set schedule. Call it an artifact title.

Here are some apps that I frequently use in updating this blog:

Screenshot Tools/Image Editors:


  • Peek (Linux)
  • ADB (Android)

Blogging (to be exact, creating offline drafts)

  • Ghostwriter, tines (Linux)

Image hosting:

  • imgBB

Here are some devices I use to test apps featured on this blog.

About the Author

The author of this blog, who usually go by the name Ninochka (and other variations) on the internet, is a college student who loves computers and technology. She got most of her computer-related knowledge by prodding around operating systems and reading help files, magazines, websites, and forums. She has been an Ubuntu and Android user since 2012, although she still uses Windows sometimes. She is a proponent of open source software, and will use open source softwares if possible at all times.
Never say ‘only guys know computers’ to her face.
Contact her at nochkawtf at gmail dot com.


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