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Screen Stream on Firefox

I recently tried an app called Screen Stream to cast my phone's screen to my laptop to save my eyes from straining. This app streams my screen as an MJPEG file which I can view in my browser by accessing an address. However, when I tried to load the address on Firefox, it won't load … Continue reading Screen Stream on Firefox


Adding IzzyOnDroid Repo to F-Droid

I'm a fan of F-Droid. I like to use open-source apps, but trying to find them on the Play Store can be a pain in the ass. I recently found about IzzyOnDroid, a third-party repository for F-Droid. Among the available third-party repositories, IzzyonDroid has the widest selection of apps. Thanks to it, I've found some … Continue reading Adding IzzyOnDroid Repo to F-Droid

Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

There are two problems with my favorite note-taking apps, Google Keep and Simplenote: They don't have desktop apps. Web apps are of course available, but it doesn't feel as natural as a desktop app. Simplenote do have a desktop app, but it's not available for 32-bit Linux, and being an Electron app, I think it … Continue reading Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

Most major phone manufacturers nowadays bundled their Android phone with apps meant to improve the user’s experience. My phone’s manufacturer, Asus, is no exception, with its large list of pre-installed (and uninstallable) apps they put on my phone: Supernote (a note-taking software similar to Evernote), What’s Next (an agggregated view of social media updates, calendar … Continue reading Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

Mini-Review#7: AcDisplay (Android)

I recently tried AcDisplay, which, according to the description, is 'a new way to show notifications on Android'. Whenever you have a new notification, it will show you a screen with the current date/time and the notification icons on the bottom. Just like on the default notification bar, you can interact with them and dismiss … Continue reading Mini-Review#7: AcDisplay (Android)

Apps List #3: Apps that Helps Me Learn Chinese (Android)

Time flies and suddenly it's the end of my first semester of college (goodbye finals week, hello holiday!) As a Chinese Studies student, I, of course, have to learn Chinese, which is a definitely new language to me. Fortunately, I found several apps that have helped me to  learn it. Ankidroid This should come as … Continue reading Apps List #3: Apps that Helps Me Learn Chinese (Android)