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Mini-Review #9: Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Yes, I bought a Mi Band 2 last month. I won't elaborate too much about it, since it was a 2-year-old gadget (even the Mi Band 3 was released last May), there are tons of reviews and discussions about it, and some of you might own one already. To tell the truth, not a long … Continue reading Mini-Review #9: Xiaomi Mi Band 2


Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50

I’ve been having my Benjie K9 for a year, and I’m quite satisfied by it. Other than some chipping paint, it’s still in great condition. If I have some extra money, I’d like to buy another player this year. At first I’m thinking of buying a Benjie S5, which has its own 100+ page thread … Continue reading Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50