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Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50

I’ve been having my Benjie K9 for a year, and I’m quite satisfied by it. Other than some chipping paint, it’s still in great condition. If I have some extra money, I’d like to buy another player this year. At first I’m thinking of buying a Benjie S5, which has its own 100+ page thread … Continue reading Wishlist: Ruizu X26/X50


(Slightly) Bad News

My earphone got broken last week. It has the same problem my previous 2 earphones and a headphone has: sound won't some out from one of the cables. For your information, my earphone (or to be exact, in-ear headphone) is a Philips SHE1405BK, and it's the a pretty good, although cheap, earphone. I bought it … Continue reading (Slightly) Bad News