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A Solution (kinda) to Missing Menu Bars

The missing menu bar on LibreOffice (and Electron apps) has been the source of a headache to me for a few months. I've been adding/removing packages and enabling/disabling preferences, but nothing seems to work. Recently it occurred to me that I could enable Libreoffice's Notebookbar as a menu bar replacement, which can be enabled from … Continue reading A Solution (kinda) to Missing Menu Bars


Things I do before using Mac OS

My school library’s public computer room is lined with iMacs. There are about 50 computers, and most of them are the old models with Snow Leopard, but a bunch of them are the newest models, with Yosemite (I always choose these, of course). Unfortunately, these shiny newer iMacs come with some tiny annoyances, which makes … Continue reading Things I do before using Mac OS