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Moving from Org-mode

I just love writing outlines and lists. For this purpose, Org-mode is pretty great; I've been using it to study for about a year and a half. But I've never been really comfortable using it, and it's because of Emacs, the platform it's made for. I know I'm going to get hell for this. Everyone … Continue reading Moving from Org-mode


Screen Stream on Firefox

I recently tried an app called Screen Stream to cast my phone's screen to my laptop to save my eyes from straining. This app streams my screen as an MJPEG file which I can view in my browser by accessing an address. However, when I tried to load the address on Firefox, it won't load … Continue reading Screen Stream on Firefox

Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

There are two problems with my favorite note-taking apps, Google Keep and Simplenote: They don't have desktop apps. Web apps are of course available, but it doesn't feel as natural as a desktop app. Simplenote do have a desktop app, but it's not available for 32-bit Linux, and being an Electron app, I think it … Continue reading Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

Apps I don’t Use Anymore

I checked this blog's stats about once a week, and it's quite surprising that some of my most popular posts are those about apps I don't use anymore. Over the course of 2 years, I've found apps that are better-designed, still actively developed, or have greater functionality. Offline Blog Editors I previously wrote about Zoundry … Continue reading Apps I don’t Use Anymore

How to Download Stories from

I'm not an avid reader of fan fictions, but I recently stumbled upon several stories on that I like so much I considered to download them, so I could read them on my phone without internet connection, and won't feel so bad if it disappeared from the website. Unfortunately, you can't download the stories in a convenient … Continue reading How to Download Stories from

App Showdown #1: WP Write vs ScribeFire Next, tested using WordPress

After a long search, I have come to conclusion that there's no good blog editor for Linux. Some have ugly interface. Some have ridiculously limited set of features. Some won't let you save drafts or post your writings. And all of them haven't been updated for years, or have been discontinued. (Hell, I even wrote … Continue reading App Showdown #1: WP Write vs ScribeFire Next, tested using WordPress