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Games from My Childhood

When I was little (about 2002-2007), I played a lot of games, both Flash and Windows ones. Most of them are simple arcade/puzzle games my young brain could handle. I've recently had some fun trying to track them down with some Google-fu; it's also interesting to see what's the history behind those games. This post … Continue reading Games from My Childhood

Apps I don’t Use Anymore

I checked this blog's stats about once a week, and it's quite surprising that some of my most popular posts are those about apps I don't use anymore. Over the course of 2 years, I've found apps that are better-designed, still actively developed, or have greater functionality. Offline Blog Editors I previously wrote about Zoundry … Continue reading Apps I don’t Use Anymore

Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

Most major phone manufacturers nowadays bundled their Android phone with apps meant to improve the user’s experience. My phone’s manufacturer, Asus, is no exception, with its large list of pre-installed (and uninstallable) apps they put on my phone: Supernote (a note-taking software similar to Evernote), What’s Next (an agggregated view of social media updates, calendar … Continue reading Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

Favorite Apps #2: Music Players (Linux, Windows, Android)

I'm quite picky about selecting music players. I've been trying lots of them, and now I've settled that a music player should: Have separate panes for tracklist and playlist: I wonder why this feature wasn't implemented in most music players. I'm not the only person who likes to listen to individual songs and create my … Continue reading Favorite Apps #2: Music Players (Linux, Windows, Android)