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Apps I don’t Use Anymore

I checked this blog's stats about once a week, and it's quite surprising that some of my most popular posts are those about apps I don't use anymore. Over the course of 2 years, I've found apps that are better-designed, still actively developed, or have greater functionality. Offline Blog Editors I previously wrote about Zoundry … Continue reading Apps I don’t Use Anymore


Review #4: Flickr Size URLS Thumb Page (Userscript)

Update 6/1/15: This script doesn't work anymore with Flickr's interface upgrade. I still haven't find any way to generate original image URLs quickly. As an online image gallery, Flickr is cool. As an image sharing site, it sucks. But it's still the one with the largest storage space. Call me overthinking or over-prepared, but when … Continue reading Review #4: Flickr Size URLS Thumb Page (Userscript)