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App Showdown #4: 4 Online Markdown Editors

Most of the time, I write my drafts on the desktop and save them as Markdown files. Typing on a full-sized keyboard is more convenient, and WordPress, both the website and the Android app, can be slow and cumbersome sometimes. But there are times when I don't have my laptop with me and only have … Continue reading App Showdown #4: 4 Online Markdown Editors

Review #13: Abricotine (Linux)

Last year I wrote about two browser-based blog editors, which I don't use anymore. Now, if I have an idea for my blog but no internet connection, I wrote it using a markdown editor and save it simply as a .md file. There's no shortage of markdown editors for Linux (including add-ons for plain text … Continue reading Review #13: Abricotine (Linux)