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(Slightly) Bad News

My earphone got broken last week. It has the same problem my previous 2 earphones and a headphone have: sound won't some out from one of the cables. For your information, my earphone (or to be exact, in-ear headphone) is a Philips SHE1405BK, and it's a pretty good, although cheap, earphone. I bought it a … Continue reading (Slightly) Bad News

Managing Music Players with Clementine

I'm still having fun with my new music player. I have to say that it piques my interest in portable music players in general, but it would take a while for me to get another, though 😆. Choosing what music to put in it is not an easy task. I have a lot of music … Continue reading Managing Music Players with Clementine

Apps I don’t Use Anymore

I checked this blog's stats about once a week, and it's quite surprising that some of my most popular posts are those about apps I don't use anymore. Over the course of 2 years, I've found apps that are better-designed, still actively developed, or have greater functionality. Offline Blog Editors I previously wrote about Zoundry … Continue reading Apps I don’t Use Anymore

Favorite Apps #2: Music Players (Linux, Windows, Android)

I'm quite picky about selecting music players. I've been trying lots of them, and now I've settled that a music player should: Have separate panes for tracklist and playlist: I wonder why this feature wasn't implemented in most music players. I'm not the only person who likes to listen to individual songs and create my … Continue reading Favorite Apps #2: Music Players (Linux, Windows, Android)