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Returning to Simplenote

I've used Google Keep for a year (I guess), but I've decided to return to Simplenote. I used both the Android and web version of Google Keep, but syncing notes on Android's Keep to the server is an annoying process. I would need to turn the background data on (which I don't usually do, to … Continue reading Returning to Simplenote

Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

There are two problems with my favorite note-taking apps, Google Keep and Simplenote: They don't have desktop apps. Web apps are of course available, but it doesn't feel as natural as a desktop app. Simplenote do have a desktop app, but it's not available for 32-bit Linux, and being an Electron app, I think it … Continue reading Cross-platform, Offline Note Taking? Use Dropbox (and some other apps).

Apps I don’t Use Anymore

I checked this blog's stats about once a week, and it's quite surprising that some of my most popular posts are those about apps I don't use anymore. Over the course of 2 years, I've found apps that are better-designed, still actively developed, or have greater functionality. Offline Blog Editors I previously wrote about Zoundry … Continue reading Apps I don’t Use Anymore