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Review #15: KGoldrunner (Linux)

When I stayed at a family member's house a few months ago, cell phone reception, not to mention internet access, was pretty hard to find, so I've brought my laptop and some books to beat boredom. There's one game that I played regularly during those times: KGoldrunner. KGoldrunner is a KDE port of Lode Runner, … Continue reading Review #15: KGoldrunner (Linux)

Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

Most major phone manufacturers nowadays bundled their Android phone with apps meant to improve the user’s experience. My phone’s manufacturer, Asus, is no exception, with its large list of pre-installed (and uninstallable) apps they put on my phone: Supernote (a note-taking software similar to Evernote), What’s Next (an agggregated view of social media updates, calendar … Continue reading Review #12: Asus PC Link (Windows, Android)

App Showdown #1: WP Write vs ScribeFire Next, tested using WordPress

After a long search, I have come to conclusion that there's no good blog editor for Linux. Some have ugly interface. Some have ridiculously limited set of features. Some won't let you save drafts or post your writings. And all of them haven't been updated for years, or have been discontinued. (Hell, I even wrote … Continue reading App Showdown #1: WP Write vs ScribeFire Next, tested using WordPress