Tag: Troubleshooting

Missing Menu Bar

So a few weeks ago I tried out Vala Panel AppMenu, a global menu that's said to be compatible with a wider selection of apps (like as Qt and Electron apps) than TopMenu, the global menu applet I've been using on Xfce. (The similarities between them are 1) They won't play well with some GTK … Continue reading Missing Menu Bar


Dual-booting, Hibernation, and Missing Files

If you dual-boot your computer with Windows and Linux like me, you must’ve encountered this problem: you’ve logged in to Linux, created some files there, save them to a NTFS partition so you can access them from both OSes, then log in to Windows, and realized that you have hibernated Windows the last time you … Continue reading Dual-booting, Hibernation, and Missing Files

Fixing GPG and ‘Duplicate Sources’ Errors

Here's a confession: I haven't installed any updates on my Ubuntu for a few months. The Software Updater still notified me of updated softwares, but I couldn't install them. Whenever I chose to install the updates, or even download anything from the Software Center, it would tell me that it 'requires installation of untrusted packages'. … Continue reading Fixing GPG and ‘Duplicate Sources’ Errors